Anyone like groundhog meat?

Ski season just started in ernest, NOT here obviously, but the little furry bastard said spring will be early :)

Who doesn’t like a clean box… While the place gets cleaned a few times each week- we are slobs and it could use a good deep cleaning.

We’d like to have a party Valentines weekend, Saturday February 13th, so theres more to clean Sunday the 14th… Mostly because we haven’t had one in a LONG while and the x-box connect “dance off” will be in play. I haven’t talked to Michelle about this so I don’t even know IF she’ll be in town, but also a party to celebrate her successful Chemo. Sundays the 14ths WOD 2-4  PM will be canceled as we would like to do a whole lot of things, then clean stand by for the times when you can come help us out. Ch, ch, changes :)

every one against you

The video below explains WHY it’s such a cool gig, who really cares if one ends up mid stream, your friends want to see you playing and the open always provides a great forum to excel in things never even tried. The open starting in a few weeks get signed up now… Your coaches will be taking the judges course and you guys may also.

 CFH will be fading away from Sweat Angel check ins’s and moving towards LCHS support. It isn’t that we dislike Sweat angels just that so many have asked what we are doing locally and how do they even know if their checking in is doing anything. Checking in help us get the word out to your friends in FB world about both CFH and the Lewis and Clark Humane Society thus people know what you are doing and may join in your efforts to be better humans.
We ordered Frog Fuel and it should be in soon.. I know I’m missing them and I apologize for the delay.
DSCF8628 DSCF8637 DSCF8645 DSCF8647 DSCF8648 DSCF8652 DSCF8654 DSCF8655 DSCF8661 DSCF8666 DSCF8677 DSCF8715 DSCF8722 DSCF8725
You get what you tolerate.

Supporting L&C Humane Society.

One of the sayings I remember as a kid rock climbing was, “no chalk on the rock”. For us it made the routes easier because one could connect the dots not having to find the hand holds for themselves. Some of the pull up bars are getting lumpy… that isn’t DNA build up, they get cleaned a few times a week but not stiff nylon brushed, they have a natural non slip coating, however if ones hands are dripping wet it isn’t a lot of help. Please if you would wipe off excess chunks of chalk/ sweat when you are done with your play time, it’d help everyone’s hands and experience. THANK YOU.


Thank Don for “encouraging us” to maintenance the bars they are much better now… Here he is cleaning the Oly bars.

When you chalk up for a workout think about this:

  1. Are you using chalk only when you can’t hang on to the bar anymore?
  2. Did you put a very light dusting on your hands or go for the 1/4 thick “barrier” . It should barely be visible. Not bathing in the stuffs..
  3. Heavy sweaters, (you know who you are) consider bringing a towel to dry off your hands before chalking. Again, light dusting after towel off, I use a t-shirt.
  4. Did you leave 98% of the the chalk in the chalk bucket? There should be chalk only two places ever: in the chalk bucket and on your hands.
  5. PLEASE Don’t chalk up the bars, the floor or the air we breathe.

Remember Rips famous quote: “if you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your purse!” This goes for chalk gloves too.

Below is an article that covers PREVENTING hand tearing, repairing and what to do IF/ when.


Amanda went to the CF Level One this past weekend at Zootown CF Missoula. She has wanted to do this for a few years and we’re very happy she finally got to go. Look to see more of her in the coming months as she give the rest of us some current training info from CFHQ and bring fresh perspectives to our programing :)


Saturday Jan 30 have 2 comps going on, East and West of us..

  1. Winterfest 2016, ZooTown CrossFit, Missoula, Olympic weightlifting fun. We have 3+ CFH/ HBC athletes playing, go yell for them and watch the fun.
  2. Best of the Mountain West, Yellowstone CrossFit. Billings. CrossFit style beastery.

Start telling us WHY May 28th is the BEST DATE ever for the spring fling !!! We will have 3 categories: Having fun, I want to play, I’m going to kick your ass and cheer for you when I’m done. These are the category descriptions not names. We’ll need sponsors, WHO do you know?

We haven’t had a dance party in a while and I think it’s high time we do… Valentine’s Day weekend too weird for having fun in a group vs some romantic couples retreat ? food booze and fun with your friends ?- Nadene/Wads-

There are stickers for sale, $4 each


We will be asking those of you on auto pay to choose a date 1st or 15th each month to help with my accounting mess. Thank you in advance for making a choice.
Becki B will be sending out an e-mail.

DSCF8615 DSCF8618 DSCF8581 DSCF8582 DSCF8584 DSCF8586 DSCF8592 DSCF8612 DSCF8569 DSCF8566 DSCF8553 DSCF8555 DSCF8614


We have enjoyed playing with Sweat Angels, but the services nebulousness makes it hard for all of us to connect with them. We are partnering up with the Lewis and Clark Humane Society so that we have a local and a tangible place to spend our thoughts and $$. We encourage each of you to check in with the Humane Society each day as you have been doing with  Sweat angels, we aren’t sure exactly HOW we’ll generate more $$ for them but we’ll get their name out there and give them some money each month. We can do % of fundraisers and adopt a dog/ cat program. Give us ideas if you have them, thanks.

Serve something bigger than yourself.


Complacency kills….

“Complacency kills gentlemen” is something that is shouted over and over with each and every compounding mistake at BUD/S.  When there is a chance of people getting really messed up or dying and shit does indeed matter, complacency kills. One had better be focused on what’s going on and be ready…

U.S. Sailors enrolled in the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) course participate in surf passage at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, Calif., Feb. 16, 2010. Surf passage is one of many physical evolutions conducted as part of the first phase of BUD/S training. (DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kyle D. Gahlau, U.S. Navy/Released)

Now days complacency just causes blah…. Goals? Eeehhhh don’t really have any, would I like to do more sure, but for the efforts.
Set a simple goal, get a 1/2lb more than last time with the same form or perhaps we should say good form, in case you weren’t at your best “last time”. Getting a little bit better, coming in consistently and striving to be alive, not living in the yellow. Complacency is the yellow, that leaving work getting home and not remembering the drive, forgetting to stop at a stop sign in a neighborhood you have lived in for 7 years go into the store for milk and come out with smoked oysters, push ups where you aren’t touching your chest or those squats not hitting full depth, WTF are you doing get with it.


Focus  on the here and now, get all zen buddha when a bears eating your leg because that’s bound to hurt. When doing something good for you or otherwise enjoyable,  playing with us for instance, kick ass. Scaled, RX or Spartan who cares, do it the BEST you can today. Help those around you want more and be more by doing better. Help them find that internal give a fuck that should be driving each of us, we all need a kick in the pants from time to time! No facebook memes, pep talks or rha rha cheerleader BS will get you through in the long run, some days sure… every day no way. It’s all about the education, with curiosity you will learn and thrive, what others are thinking of you is none of your damn business, stay out of their head also.



Next Weekend has a bunch of things going on.

Next weekend Ski trip to Disco, Dan, Lora, Joy and Marshal ??? who else is in?? Sign up on the boards by the water cooler.

Saturday the 23rd. –

Isagenix information education and snacks 1130 to 12:30 at the box. We’ll have some smart people to answer any and all questions. Enough of our athletes are having good experiences with the stuff that CrossFit Helena has invested in the professional program to offer Isagenix to all. Come listen to why and how we can help you.

5:30 PM Miki’s dinner at Nagoya, come do the belated B-day dinner with us… please put your name on the boards by the rowers so we know how many to make reservations for.

Saturday Jan 30 have 2 comps going on East and West of us..

  1. Winterfest 2016, ZooTown CrossFit, Missoula, olympic weightlifting fun.
  2. Best of the Mountain West, Yellowstone CrossFit. Billings. CrossFit style beastery.

Start telling us WHY May 28th wont work for the spring fling ????

Feeling nostalgic this weekend, some things added some removed from this bit of fun on the silver strand. A a different course to be sure, I had the record in class 165’s time at 5:23, this time was broken 4 classes later by the admirals kid….  Damn Smiths.

We have stickers for sale, $4 each

Fit aid will be in this week.

We will be asking all of you on auto pay to choose a date at the beginning or middle of each month to help with my accounting mess, thanks you in advance for making a choice. Becki B will be sending out an e-mail.

If you move towards your fears, they’ll run away.



Do it now.

What’s your level of perseverance? I think we have all watched someone in our lives or even at the box who just keeps on going, doing things that we hope some day to have the ability, strength or coordination to do ourselves. Doing is hard, thinking about is easier but will never get it done. Do it now, later is could of, should of, would of country.
Staying positive keeps one happy telling the subconscious what you prefer all the time.  Check out this cats mindset; “…After 37 surgeries, Jason uses his positive attitude to motivate others …”

redman sign


It’s still the beginning of a new year. There a number of different challenges coming that we’ll be offering you. Some with prizes some with pride,  ALL are attempting to change the way you think,  so that doing something more for yourself, the way you do your day to day, being better for those you love and support you is normal not weird! Kinda like CrossFit is “normal” to us now,  what’s the cool quote about repeating the same thing over and over and expecting something different to happen??
Cash money, free & discounted memberships, CFH & Isagenix goods,  and bragging rights on the line.

We have up on the board skiing for the weekend of Jan 22, 23, 24… I need to change the dates or rather not be the POC. I have 3 other things going on. McAwesome is still open so feel free to go play have tons of fun, but I need to bag out. Think sledding, skiing, bon fires and friends. Both Downhill and Cross Country skiing. Lets figure another date in Feb. for round II,


  • Jump ropes are in $37 per each, the different colors are in rope color not handle color sorry for my confusion.
  • New T-shirt orders going in this Wednesday 1/13. List is on the white board above water cooler, Sweater/ hoodie order coming up.
  • FitAid will be going up to $2.50 February first.
  • Please name label your cubbies,  Thank you.
  • We need to “name” our rowers.. We have 6 of them and will start a name a rower list, then vote on the 6 most popular names. There will be prizes for the 6 top names, enter 6 names whatever. 3, 2, 1, Go…..


Michelle is having her last IV cocktail this Wed the 13th,  0800 till 1:30ish. Stop by St Peets and say hello it’s a long time to just sit there with the goods dripping into the bod. Help Michelle pass that time with friends and cheer. There will be a party once this hangover wears off, so stand by :)

NEXT weekend- Strength Stampede BelgradeCF January 16 and 17th. We have 3 athletes signed up ??? LOTS of great lifting TALENT will be there for advice/ coaching, think olympians and world champs.

Saturday January 23rd 11:30 -12:30 Isagenix tasting and information meeting at the Box :)

Saturday January 23 5:30 PM Nagoyas for Miki’s belated B-day party. All are welcome PLEASE roger up so we can get a soft count, reservations wise.

Saturday Jan 30th,  Winterfest 2016 Olympic lifting Comp ZooTown Missoula.

DSCF8452 DSCF8457 DSCF8462 DSCF8465 DSCF8467 DSCF8470 DSCF8507 DSCF8498 DSCF8491 DSCF8488 DSCF8484 DSCF8481


“3 or 4 of the voices in my head want to go back to sleep, all the rest are wondering if Penguins have knees.”




Out with the old, in with the new, most of us just did the in with the new part, have you dealt with the out with the old yet??  We mentioned a Gift back, we are still doing this!
Bring in the old/ new stuffs you don’t need.  By not needing we mean when was the last time you used it, not emotionally attached to it hoarder style,  but actually used? We will give the woman’s/ kiddy stuffs to Florence Crittenton or WYCA and the rest to Gods Love. Please bring it in clean and somewhat folded.
less than you need

We’re trying to get the CFH business end straightened up, there are some changes in the works and as soon as we know what they are we’ll let you know. One that we do know about, may affect some of you, others not so much? We will be trying to get payments though one source  vs. the 3 currently in use and those on auto pay will choose one of 2 payment dates instead of all spread throughout  the month, 1st and 15th even perhaps 4th and 19th, something crazy. Thank you in advance for your understanding and PLEASE let us know if this is a huge deal for you, CrossFit infinitely scalable.


  • Jump ropes are in $37 per each, the different colors are in rope color not handle color sorry for my confusion.
  • New T-shirt orders going in end of week. List is on the white board above water cooler, Sweater/ hoodie order coming up.
  • Fit Aid will be going up to $2.50 February first.
  • Please name label your cubbies,  Thank you.
  • We have to “name” our rowers.. We have 6 of them and will start a name a rower list, then vote on the 6 most popular names. There will be prizes for the 6 top names, enter 6 names whatever. 3, 2, 1, Go…..

Here is a 94YO Power Lifter who’s goal is to be Dead Lifting #200 by the time she is 100 YO, “all in the form” go Edith.

I screwed up last Blog, thanks Larry nice catch and nice to see you again, THIS Thursday Jan 7th NOT Jul 7th.  6:30 PM at Hampton Inn, just up the road from the box ,  Carter dr/ Hwy 12.
Are you looking to be better- stronger- faster.
Wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, be healthier or recover more quickly? “There is no sense working on the engine, if one is pissing in the gas tank” J. Maritone
We have been preaching Paleo for 6 years, this stuff is better! It’s full of nutrients hard to keep up with, it’s easier and sustainable.  We still have 1-2 paleo based meals each day,  not the 5-6 a day from days of yor and the time difference in prepping for 3 less meals a day, you do the math. Talk to any of our 20+ CFH athletes enjoying it so far and see what they are saying.
isa img


This beautiful thing is having her last IV cocktail next Wed the 13th,  0800 till 1:30ish. Stop by St Peets and say hello it’s a long time to just sit there with the goods dripping into the bod. Help Michelle pass that time with friends and cheer. Today we sit tomorrow we party, well a party in a few weeks, stand by for some fun in celebrating feeling good and having this step in recovery done. Love watching you work.


Strength Stampede BelgradeCF January 16 and 17th.

Winterfest 2016 Olympic lifting Comp zooTown Missoula

Ski Trip Feb 13/ 14??? We didn’t have anyone liking the previous dates, so yell, scream, shout, or just give us better dates / heads up that these work for you. 

DSCF8379 DSCF8381 DSCF8382 DSCF8425 DSCF8434 DSCF8437 DSCF8397

What do you do to show  gratitude on a daily basis? Make it easy and fun, call someone you love each day, just because you love them.


Building a better you.

Welcome to 2016, new year, new Monday, bring it.
We have been talking about goals for 6 years!
Do you have any?
Are they written down?
Do you even know where to begin?
My thinking is one has to write down who they are as a first step to goals. Making the goals list isn’t a 5 second process, but taking the time is worth it.
“I’m a lover of life, peering over the edge has never been enough,  I yearn to ride a unicycle along that line. I can bring a room together and make most laugh, catching and killing something to cook over an impromptu fire is a gift of being human and the will to survive. I seek comfort most everyday though excel when being punished.  I can sew, cook and clean these are the minimum things all of us should know early on in life, don’t know it? Get to it. Fixing mechanical things or building something useful is easy for me and an awesome get in my head deal but educational books frustrate and piss me off. I believe common courtesies are the mark of a polite society, being kind, respectful and most importantly grateful makes one a good peoples. Our rights come from a power much greater than our government and if they aren’t doing as we the people want them to, then it’s up to U.S. to fix it.  We have a great duty to others but can only help when we are good enough ourselves, perfection is your ego, completion is an accomplishment. A great daily mantra “Never let assholes rent space in your head”.

DSCF8392 DSCF8399 DSCF8402 DSCF8409 DSCF8414 DSCF8416 DSCF8419 DSCF8427 DSCF8429 DSCF8440 DSCF8441 DSCF8442 DSCF8448

“you don’t get strong by accident”

Please label your cubbies, we cleaned them up, have a rough count and plans for how to add another 20 or so…

Jump ropes are in, the color selection was for cable not handels sorry for the mistake… $37.00 each

Starting Feb 1, Fitaid is bumping up to $2.50 still cheaper than anywhere else for this great stuff.

Strength Stampede Jan 16 and 17th…. I know there are a few people signed up… here’s the link.

There’s an Isagenix info meeting this Thursday July 7th at Hampton Inn 6:30 -8 ish. Free samples and good information if you have questions about how to power your machine.
isa img


Winterfest 2016 is at ZooTown CF Missoula Jan 30 make that date off…Those of you wanting to see some good oly lifting this will be good :)

As we get into the CF Open season and start pushing in that direction read the article from this little tidbit “….Do yourself a favor and slow down, and do it right. Before you know it you’ll be faster than ever. Be Sociable, Share!” here is the whole article.

DSCF8401 DSCF8432 DSCF8403 DSCF8392 DSCF8413


“The law of attraction is something that is more real than most people think. If you believe in something enough, that you are able to visualize it, then have the confidence to verbalize it . . . it WILL happen.”



Gift Back !

I love this time of year. Skiing is only getting better, the days longer and all sorts of new friends come out trying to meet their fitness goals. Each of us has something that has been tried and not accomplished  or at least not to our desired goals.  Getting back up and trying it again thus “not quitting” is the acorn of a thousand sayings, memes and motivational posters the world over. When you hear someone talk about getting back in shape encourage them, you may be that extra, friendly voice that kicks off the new them and you may literally save their life by just being nice . The first of the year seems to reset all sorts of things, a better more healthy human is just one, I welcome this factory reset.


New years eve, day.. Dec 31st we were thinking 1:00  to 4:00 , PM Vampires, PM!!  WODs each hour.

New YEARS DAY 2 till 4. 

As we start prepping for the 2016 CF Open think about Mobility it is a huge part of the game, here’s a start with your neck, K-star link to the left, use it.

We were trying to come up with a good hook for some winter cheer and cleaning out your closet, cue, Eminem, over the weekend. The Idea would be to bring in (clean, serviceable) items that one has too many of; IF one recieved a new coat for Christmas surely they have one that isn’t being used and could be given up? Same goes for games, books, electronics, gloves, boots, comforters, hats, old snow men, whatever… NO used undies please, McAwesome this means YOU! We’re thinking a division of goods, YWCA and Gods Love. As always up for suggestions? One of Paigers churches had a great name for their winter program so we’re Stealing it. “Gift Back”. Bring it in we’ll figure out where to put it :)

Please empty out your cubbies by this Saturday Jan 2nd… need to clean things up a bit . See how many cubbies we have/ many more we may need ??


How many people have we talked to about trying Isagenix? We want to talk to all of you, but it’s a funny thing. In the Teams it was Poly-Ticks, Religion and Tactics that were no go topics, I think we should add Nutrition to that list. I never questioned what was in a DQ Blizzard knowing it was bad for me, but trying something good for me without consulting Web MD and Chem Bio monthly for an in depth study has been the norm. As Angie N said it “Paleo snobs” is what we were/ are…. Paige is all bio chem, micro/ macro nutrients and doctorly BS,  she likes it… Study it yourself for 30 days, get it in you. There are 20+ of us here at CFH loving it, plenty of results to choose from, where you know the people and can ask them questions. There is a 60 Day challenge coming up, prizes and all.

Sorry this is a lot of information, though I THINK  we have some pictures of people playing, computer don’t fail me now.

Jan 16th Strength Stampede CrossFit Belgrade:

Jan 23/ 24th, CFH Ski Trip ??? Thinking Disco …. If the dates work, we’ll start figuring the rest out. ???

Jan 30th 2016 Winterfest Olympic Weightlifting Comp , Zootown CF Missoula.

DSCF8221 DSCF8219 DSCF8218 DSCF8213 DSCF8204 DSCF8207 DSCF8196 DSCF8186 DSCF8188 DSCF8163 DSCF8156


I’ve been on a meme ride lately…. Here is one for our largest group at the box, Engee-nerds :)




Faster – Stronger – Better


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