The weather outside is delightful.

This past Friday we still had the big doors open at 6:30PM, 50 or so degrees, Saturday morning brought 3 inches of snow, ski season is coming. Ryan said Big Sky still needs a few feet to be fun, Jackson Hole is 13″, Mammoth Mnt, CA. 30″, most of Colorado operating at 50%. Get those legs ready, when it happens be prepared for some fun trips, no friends on powder days but we can always meet up for lunch.

Almost to Christmas and just after that, New Years.

Dec 24th, Wednesday- No WODs after the 12:30, closed for the 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30

Dec 25th, Thursday- Closed for Christmas, have a great day!

Dec 26th, Friday- First WOD is at 11:30, Closed for the 0530, 0630, 0830

then for NewYears;

Dec 31st, Wednesday- No WODs after the 12:30, closed for the 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30

January 1 2015, Thursday- Closed for New Years Day, enjoy the New Year!

Jan 2nd, Friday- First WOD is at 11:30, Closed for the 0530, 0630, 0830.

We are looking for 2 people to run the whole life challenge, Starting January 17, volunteers will receive free entry to the challenge, t-shirts and a party budget. Responsibilities are keeping things running, planning a few gatherings and having fun. Let us know IF this interests you?

The “open” is right around the corner… we will be looking for ALL OF YOU to play along with us… this does not mean one HAS to sign up and do the online bit, however it is more fun that way. There will be parties and fun plus judges to ensure full range of motion for all movements.

It’s winter and this should be a great way to play with ourselves……

Thanks for giving us the night off last Tuesday. We had a staff infection party ( Genevieve’s pet name for new shirts) at the Marys Ville House. Brian and crew did an OUTSTANDING job with the food. The bar was all ours till almost 10 when we got the hell out of there. This was the first time we’ve had the ability to take all that keep this place running out for dinner and drinks…. Paiger and I had fun, so that is really all that matters:)

THANK YOU ALL for the things you do to make CFH who we are. Pictures? Why in the world would I be smart enough to have taken pictures?

Day after Thanksgiving 2010, “Fight gone bad”, about 1/2 way through round 2, Jin comes off the box, crumpling to the ground:

who hit me?

No one hit you, get up,

I can’t!

Wait right there, we’re almost done with this round…

AFTER finishing the WOD, Jin and I went up to the ER where it was determined that his Achilles had exploded in the middle and he would need surgery. Thus every year we rerun it, here is this years.

DSCF0365 DSCF0368 DSCF0372 DSCF0374 DSCF0375 DSCF0383 DSCF0389 DSCF0390 DSCF0379 DSCF0433 DSCF0436 DSCF0441 DSCF0446 DSCF0447 DSCF0448 DSCF0454 DSCF0466 DSCF0465 DSCF0468 DSCF0470 DSCF0471 DSCF0472 DSCF0473 DSCF0474


The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. 



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Great Team throw down in Butte.

Wow what a fun Saturday in Butte. Copper City CrossFit put on a brilliant show, 5 WODs total, wrapped up with some great steaks, chicken, salads and chips.

Our team made it to the finals and came out 4th out of 22 teams…. All had the Muscles to work and worked all day long. Miki, Don, Erin and Mark killed it but each had a no rep or 2 throughout the day from “not following directions”/ interpetitations more than form or fatigue. That whole damn attention to detail thing :)

They totally rocked the 20 round Bear complex 2nd I believe. Don and Mark grabbed up 1st in the #195 keg over box thing… Mark and Don knowing how to move kegs, GET OUT OF HERE !

As always the competition was fun, challenging and intense. All of the competitors were nice, fun and incredible to watch, the scenery as at any CrossFit function was grand.


NO WODs after the noon thirty tomorrow, I do believe that the CF Kids are still playing.

For those of you that came in to play Saturday, we hope you had fun, thank  you Harlowrock for volunteering for the Duties.

While we are thanking Peeps… Did’ya notice the black chalk board walls under the Pull up rack, how could you miss it right? THANK YOU Lori and Erica for taking the time to do that, I think it looks great NOW we just need more peeps putting cool saying up there.

Bad/ Ugly/ christmas sweater party this Friday to celebrate Adams graduating LEA, well that and it a great excuse to party at the box, we’ll have a hame and some beer, bring more beer and food of your own…. Starting after the 5:30 WOD ends.

Saturday evening, 6PM,  at Loris, for a Framily Thanks-Christmas party….


We have a check for $250 we are sending off to Big brothers and Big sisters of MT this Friday, If you have some extra coin bring it in before then and we’ll add it in.

The whole life challenge

Here’s some of your hard work in progress.

DSCF0301 DSCF0302 DSCF0313 DSCF0315 DSCF0317 DSCF0321 DSCF0327 DSCF0336 DSCF0341 DSCF0348 DSCF0359 DSCF0362 DSCF0363 DSCF0364



Someone else doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right.




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Always assume the best…

Tis the season…..

Nov 27th Happy T-day Closed

Nov 28th No 0530, 0630 WODs

Dec 6th  Competition in Butte, come watch Don, Miki, Mark and Erin throw some really heavy weights around. Bear Complex style. (coaches let us know IF you’ll be in town and want to host a WOD for Saturday / HbbC)

Dec 9th No afternoon WODs, 12:30 is last WOD, The box is taking the coaches out to dinner.

Dec 12 Expect a “lift heavy shit WOD” as Adam is ( well maybe ) graduating LEA and wants to drink some beers afterwards. Party… We’ll have some food and Black foot beer, bring some cheer.

Dec 13 Lori is having a Framily Thanksgiving….

Dec 24 11:30 and 12:30 WODs only

No WODs  Closed, Merry Christmas 

Dec 26th No 0530, 0630 WODs


The earliest pictures and postings are from the Oct. 2009, but I don’t believe Scott Boyles, Pictured below, had all things CF HQ in order till Nov. may be totally wrong?

Scott Back Therapy


The first WOD for CFH we found was:

Skill Practice-Kettle Bell Swings


AMRAP in 6 min.

15 Kettlebell swings

12 Burpees

2 min rest

AMRAP in 6 min.

25 Squats

10 Push-ups on rings

….. Perhaps a Fun Saturday 8:30 just for grins

Here are some of the first pictures of peeps playing at CFH.

DSC03013 DSC03034DSCF0142 File0013

Is your Grandpa CrossFit??

Is your Grandpa CrossFit??


Tabata Intervals with style

Tabata Intervals with style


As of last Friday CrossFit Helena (CFH) is 5 years old, Scott Boyles had a grand opening party and everything, Saturday November 21, 2009. There are a few here that started with Scott and are still with us today, I’ll loose a nut If I miss someone… but in NO PARTICULAR ORDER Charlie, DeeAnn, Casey, Larry ( not sure when his CF LV1 was but has been PT coach since 2010) and Angie G. are all plank owners. Scott soon found his life changing and moving him out of state. Melanie Shirilla purchased CFH from Scott Aug 2010, she started right off buying more gear and expanding the space. Geoff Lane started coaching and covering WOD times fall 2010 Spring 2011 ?? Mostly EARLY mornings and just Jin :).

 Melanie had her own life challenges and needed out of town and CFH. Paige and I bought the place Oct 2012 and started our career of making more mistakes and growing QUICKLY. First we dropped our rates and added a few new times.

 We brought on Geoff, Mark and Jin all CrossFit Level 1 certified, Pager also went and for her CFLV1 a few monthlies later,  Angie G and Pat A. went for their CFLV1 around this time but don’t have the dates for them either. We were able to add times and Equipement all because we had coaches to spread the load. The 900 SF of space down on Custer wasn’t going to be enough, so we moved to Bozeman st.  where we thrived and grew exponentially, allowing us to purchase even more equipment and of course floor mats. Without the help of our coaches, athletes and friends the building, painting and moving of stuffs this herculean task was impossible. Yet it was simple with all the great help… Simple minus the disorder and late hours of cleaning and moving.

We added Crossfit Kids, Tenacity, Mobility and Yoga… Sarah was a god send as we needed an accountant and a Yoga coach, she was both and so much more.

Kyle continues to fix our aches, pains and immobilities providing us with a “dungeon” to play in, with Mobility each Monday evening 6:30 PM.

Jin went off to learn about kids and had a background check… exciting reading there I’m sure ;). His Kids program is fun and well organized. While it’s tough playing with kids ranging from 8-14 it’s been entertaining and all have seen improvement.

Mark Started playing with his parents and a few of their friends, Tenacious they are and all have come so far, most recognizing the benefits of movement at any age.

Some time Fall 2013 we stumbled upon the place we are currently playing in, we thought it’d be huge, hosted a halloween party in it and all were amazed at its size…. We added more coaches with Genevieve, Jason, Erin and JK… thus allowing more WOD times. Some time spring 2014Helena barbell Club (HbbC) and snuck in and gets bigger each Tues, Thurs and Sat.

This past February we knew things were going too fast and we needed help, Joe and Jill expressed an interest and bought in as owners as of Aug.

Mark picked up a share also, took over as head coach and started Taking the majority of my WOD times. This is something I wish we had made more clear a few months ago…

I can not believe that it’s been 5 years and the urge to pee just prior to each WOD still exists. Paige and I love this place, as we know all of you do. We , Joe, Jill, Mark, Paige and I are NOT CrossFit Helena.WE all are!

Thank you for playing with us.



When there are multiple meanings in a comment,” always assume the best”, when interpreting authors intent.  Paiger


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Good food IS primary healthcare.

We…. I really need to get back on track and with the holidays coming it’s getting tougher and tougher, I ate a waffle at Steve’s Cafe last week ! I know freaking out over eating a waffle, it’s just that IF I’m going to eat crap, there is better crap to eat. Even worse, it’s been 4 days and I’m still talking about it (not really but it makes for a good topic). We threw it out last night on Face Book, now we’ll link it in here, there are 2 things, but only one requires more than just your time.

Origins- we know its a LONG video, one hour forty one min. Most of us have sat through things we hated that have no other impact on our lives than we remember we really didn’t like _____ movie/ show. This is a movie that has great photography and a very interesting subjects…. Us, peoples, humans, homo sapiens, what we eat and how the food we eat is grown and the effects of good vs not so good growing/ eating habits.

With watching this movie and chatting about another Paleo challenge, We started discussing the whole life challenge, not just eating better but learning how to balance ones life better… are you avoiding life by working out too much? are you so stressed you aren’t sleeping enough, Is coffee you rehydration drink?

We are starting up a “team” but I the computer savvy guy that I am have a call in to them asking WTF on a few items they’ve asked for.

Help support ExplorationWorks! through the generous donations from Lewis & Clark Brewery during the Ales For Charity Night. For every beer sold from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 18th, Lewis & Clark Brewery will donate $1.00! We would appreciate your support and thank the great staff at Lewis & Clark Brewery!

Date: Nov 18, 2014
Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Ages: Adults 21+


Man this thing is already getting long and we haven’t even started… SORRY. We’ll go point by point and avoid the silly commentary…

November 27, Thursday. No WODs Thanksgiving day.

Dec 6, Saturday. NO HbbC. Come join us in cheering for team CrossFit Helena: Don, Miki, Erin and Mark. There will be a shite ton weight moved and lots of good fun competition to be had.

Dec 9th, Tuesday. NO Afternoon/ Kids/ HbbC WODs. Last WOD for the day is 12:30…. Coaches Christmas Party.

Dec 12th, Friday 6:30 PM…..lets get this party started, Adam is (well maybe :) ) grad-u-ma-tat-ing the Law Enforcement Academy. We need to have a bad sweater party and Christmas Party and a celebrate partying party. We’ll have hot grog/ cold beer and some food let’s do this pot-luck-ish style.

The most important question of your life….


Just to piss up a few ropes……


Last weeks pictures:

DSCF0010 DSCF0016 DSCF0019 DSCF0026 DSCF0029 DSCF0028 DSCF0036 DSCF0040 DSCF0041 DSCF0058 DSCF0057 DSCF0053 DSCF0048 DSCF0049DSCF0059 DSCF0062 DSCF0060 DSCF0064 DSCF0068 DSCF0075 DSCF0085 DSCF0086 DSCF0090 DSCF0089 DSCF0099 DSCF0103 DSCF0111 DSCF0109 DSCF0110


Anyone else noticed the once black, now clean bathroom floor ( where the weight plate was??? ) Say thank you to our “cleaning fairies”.

Falling in love is not a choice.  To stay in love is.


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Have FUN with your fitness

Howdee kids, I feel like I have been out of the loop but am almost ready to join the WODs again, Stitches will be out tonight and my FUN quotient is way down, getting one in will be key. “

MANY thanks to CLARKS Plumbing and Heating for spending the time needed to fix our furnace…. the factory rep now knows your name and voice I’m sure. IF any of you are in need of plumbing/ heating work these guys have been fixing me up for 10 years at the ranch and for the past 3 with us at CFH.

We’re going to link in a few articles… perhaps we need to have a “note board section” if posting links gets to be too sucky for some of you. @ are from the same source, then one more just flush out some chitter chatter.

5 Training mistakes, had our headline in it… one of the mistakes is not having fun, see why I loved this one and while it does stipulate mistakes after 35.. I think most are applicable to all unless killing it for competitions.


How could “shoulder injuries” and this sentence not catch our eyes…. “I can certainly understand and can attest to the psychological anguish you experience when you’re driven to achieve a goal and your body simply won’t comply. It sucks. I get it. But, is it really worth getting injured over?”


Masters Functional Fitness League….. It looks like fun and only runs $25 (Jay would you mind linking this one in )


We’re working on taking more pictures and ensuring we get pics of what the WOD was and your efforts we missed 2 days, Hope you wrote some #’s down… also IF you have interest in tracking on line we are offering Beyond The White Board, they have TONS of fun things to play with if that’s your game. Ask us about how to join this group, it’s on us.

Bear complex pictures and the pictured WOD.

DSCF8671 DSCF8672 DSCF8676 DSCF8677 DSCF8679 DSCF8681 DSCF8690 DSCF8691 DSCF0001 DSCF0004 DSCF0005 DSCF0007 DSCF0008 DSCF0009


“Our struggles determine our successes”

Are you applying your efforts where you will get the greatest gains?


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Halloween parties and so much more.

New times for Tuesdays and Thursdays….

NO 3:30 regular WODs

CF Kids starts at 3:50

Regular WODs at 4:30 and 5:30

Helena Bar Bell Club starts at 6:30 PM

Where to begin… The Halloween Party was a BLAST, had tons of fun with all that were able to make it… The party planing crew did an AMAZING job with all the pieces that come together for this to happen. THANK YOU doesn’t quite cover it but will have to do till we get them out for a thank you dinner somewheres.

DSCF8649 DSCF8647 DSCF8664 DSCF8660 DSCF8658 DSCF8645 DSCF8643 DSCF8641


Thursday night throw downs. Copper City CrossFit is having a team throw down Dec 6, the weights are heavy but we’re going to party and WOD on Thursdays at 6:30, food, drinks, sweat and fun with your friends to select and prep our team for this event.

The Jump ropes are in, IF you ordered one they are $33 each. The handles weren’t the color part, we were picking the cable color.

There were some questions on Mondays Bear Complex, this is the stuff I found, I’m sure there will be better info IF one wants to spend more time googling and reading hits.

- It appears there are many ways to run it. The Bear and it’s many variations have been around for about 30 years with different movements from time to time. CrossFit first saw it around 2004 and included OH squats, YIKES.

-MOST often recorded as ones max load in final round… though max weight lifted, total weight from all rounds seems to tie with as an AMRAP with lighter weights. We like the total weight lifted to break down the sandbaggers :)

-Exact movement VS combining movements. Jerking, Squat Cleans, Dead to hang cleans are all considered scales but MANY run them as combining movement are OK as long as Squat Cleans have open hips prior to Thrusters.

- Rest, anywhere but the ground :)

-Keep that skull in check YOU CAN DO THIS. everyone mentions the mental part of this WOD

DSCF8430 DSCF8431 DSCF8436 DSCF8444 DSCF8468 DSCF8493 DSCF8494 DSCF8492 DSCF8491 DSCF8487 DSCF8483 DSCF8471 DSCF8470 DSCF8495 DSCF8499 DSCF8500 DSCF8515 DSCF8525 DSCF8531 DSCF8534 DSCF8538 DSCF8542

Are you Training or Exercising?


Also some interesting things for “masters ” athletes



One can learn great things from their mistakes when they aren’t busy denying them.


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Focusing on fun and form.

Three, Two, One , G…. Wait I gotta pee…Oooooo!

Keep it fun, make sure FORM is paramount over time and load.

Stay healthy by staying strong, to be strong one needs rest and recovery.

MOBILITY… Kyle has been running a great program but hasn’t had a lot of peeps taking him up on his time. WHAT would encourage you to get better? He is starting a “make yourself better program” this next Monday 6:30PM. I think this little article goes right into what he is doing. May have this wrong, but it is a good article even if I am and what Kyle will be doing is personalized and professional, remember he IS a doctor.

Tonight, Thursday 6:30 PM, team throw down tryout for the Hypoxic team challenge Butte Dec 6th. We are going to be trying the first WOD they announced…. it’s heavy and hard… those that go RX are trying for a spot on the Team, the rest of us are playing along to have fun and keep them motivated…

Saturday 8:30 AM there will be a Free WOD at the box and a moving WOD….. details when and where via Jason/ Katie….

Saturday evening 5PM CFH halloween Party, bring a costume, some pot luck food and a good times attitude, there will be prizes and silly games for all.

Next Saturday November 8th, Powerlifting comp;


Winter is coming at us fast now and I’ve heard a few exasperated sighs about long this….cold that….. We have plans and we need someone to help track and post said plans ?? We’re thinking game nights, cards, board games, charades , casino night fund raisers. Ice skating, snow shoeing, ski trips, hot spring soaks.

…Discovery ski area, working on access for an 8 or so peeps cabin this next week. Let’s make winter something to look forward too, by wallowing in fun together.

Beyond The White Board (BTWB)- First, it’s not changing how we sign in, Rhino fit stays. BTWB is a WOD tracking computer thing and more…. those that have it, have been using it, really like it.

” … the worlds largest CrossFit results tracking website with over 10 million posts. Not only will you be able to track your own numbers, but you’ll also be able to compare yourself to thousands of CrossFitters around the world also using the website.
It is incredibly important that you keep track of everything you do.”

We have 10 peeps trying it out… If it flies we’ll run with it.

Spartan Racers…. We have finally found the right person at Spartan HQ and are awaiting a 15% off code and other SCHWAG for the Big Fork races next year. There will be a 5 +/- mile sprint and New for this year a 13 +/- mile Beast. We’ll form up a team and get it going under our own name for this year… lets see if we can Fu… ummm MESS with some heads for having the most fun and caring the least about times and scores :)


DSCF8350 DSCF8352 DSCF8358 DSCF8359 DSCF8360 DSCF8361 DSCF8362 DSCF8367 DSCF8370 DSCF8372 DSCF8374 DSCF8377 DSCF8378 DSCF8379 DSCF8382 DSCF8387 DSCF8389 DSCF8394 DSCF8393 DSCF8400 DSCF8407 DSCF8411 DSCF8416 DSCF8418 DSCF8423 DSCF8424 DSCF8425


Heard a great new joke, it’s about Ebola,

You probably won’t get it……



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