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Apocalyptical smoke

July 22, 2014

OK not really that bad, but when I woke up and looked outside, thought about putting the emergency bug out bag in the truck.
It was a rough/ hot few days, think about the Firefighters and what they are putting up with, HAVING to work out in the heat and smoke isn’t all that bad. We know Z-man just left Friday evening for fires unknown…. Keep it safe kids!

The CF Games are this weekend, they could have a surprise or 2 WODs starting as early as tomorrow July 23. Charlie and Mark are setting up a pool to draw names and see who gets the most points think fantasy football, I guess…. as I have never played.

Sunday Aug 10, Meeting at Super 1 foods 10 AM hoping to be on the water by noon, floating till we’re sick of it… then some grub :)

Saturday Aug 16th. Get your registration forms in for the CF Bridger Showdown, it’s only a few weeks away.

Saturday Aug 23rd. Date on hold for Copper City CrossFit to come up and play with us for the morning…. water WOD ??? bring boats/ BBQ ???

Sat Sept 6th, Muddy Mucker Missoula, the same program as the one so many of you volunteered for up at the Great Divide.

We are looking at some time slot changes for summer… Well whats left of it. We are going to have HbbC (Helena Bar Bell Club) an hour earlier.
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6:30 and Saturdays @ 9:30, thus there will be NO 6:30 PM WODs Tuesdays/ Thursdays and NO 9:30AM Free WODs Saturdays.
It’s summer get out of bed come play with us at 0730 or 0830 and go do something fun. Even 2 hours of lifting starting at 0930 gets you outside by noon :)

Last week was the last of my Programing for a bit… Jason has the Next 2 weeks.











Mark up the rope training for a Spartan Race.

Mark up the rope training for a Spartan Race.

Nice lift Lora

Nice lift Lora





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Traveling WOD to Butte

July 18, 2014

SO here is the latest …at a late moment. CrossFit Helena will be OPEN for the 7:30 regular WOD,  Free 8:30 WOD and NO 9:30 WOD but Helena Bar Bell will be going at 9:30 till you all are done.


We are meeting at the Box at 7:30 and hope to be leaving by 7:45…. directions!

Interstate 15 South

Take Harrison ave exit.
Turn right at the stop light.
Take first right onto Cornell st.
Take first right onto holiday park drive
Follow to Father Sheehan park (you’ll see the arch quickly)


Speaking of fun and happiness, it isn’t ALL about the $$ thought this was a fun read


This bad boy was almost too detailed, after reading it 8 to 10 times it made better sense



Have you signed up for the CF Bridger competition Aug 16? WHY NOT?????? Come have fun with us… It’s not about winning its about showing up and kicking your own demons in the crotch.YES that’s really fun :)





DSCF7397 DSCF7408 DSCF7416 DSCF7417 DSCF7419 DSCF7424 DSCF7443 DSCF7457 DSCF7456




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July 15, 2014

Loved getting a”little” rain last night/ today hope we see a littLe from time to time throughout the summer….


This Saturday we Only have the 0730 WOD, Depending on who travels to Butte we may or may not have HBBC… still working on details.


Aug 16 is the Bridger showdown.. Have you signed up yet?

2 weeks till the games, hopefully after we’ll have the dates for the Big Sky gig, REALLY hoping it wasn’t canned, as it was a awesome way to see CF HQ and the athletes in person. Also just being at Big Sky with so many amazing peeps had its own draw.

We are going back to having each coach program from 2 weeks at a time, Jin is up first, so next week we’ll be back into some more fun less mundane WODs… stand by :)

Next Monday is 1 rep max Front Squats….. a bit impatient to see where this put US?


Lauren posted this on face book, well worth the read.


“…I love the confidence that my training brings to my life, and what we all want is to make life easier!”

This one is pretty good too, not sure who gets credit for this one…



Still finishing up last weeks pictures,

DSCF7268 DSCF7271 DSCF7277 DSCF7278 DSCF7281 DSCF7282 DSCF7283 DSCF7289 DSCF7293 DSCF7298 DSCF7317 DSCF7316 DSCF7314 DSCF7313 DSCF7311 DSCF7308 DSCF7299 DSCF7295



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Days are just flying by.

July 14, 2014

This Saturday July 19th we are traveling to Butte for the 0830/ 0930 WODs…

July 26th /27th is the USAW certification at altitude athletics.


I know it doesn’t seem like it but the shower is getting there… we had to move a little more concrete and Mark has put down 6-8 coats of thin set to fill in some low spots… that take a bit o time….. then there’s coaching classes. We still have the port-a-potties Little Johns has been providing for us and a hand wash station. The changing room is much closer and may be done prior to the shower. We will have a smallish sink to wash our shake bottles and a filtered water station to fill you drinking jugs from, the small red couch that is in there with a TV and dvd player for the little kids and those not in CF kids.


We are canceling the 630 PM “open” WODs Tuesday /Thursdays and moving Helena Bar Bell into that time slot. Starting NEXT week, July 22 Helena Bar Bell Club will be at 6:30 PM, no “OPEN WOD” (till winter or we get enough peeps crying)


There is talk of a new time slot….Fridays 5:30 PM… would you be interested?


We still have a weeks worth of results to post as if I’ll never be caught up :)

DSCF7234 DSCF7231 DSCF7235 DSCF7237 DSCF7240 DSCF7241 DSCF7242 DSCF7243 DSCF7244 DSCF7250 DSCF7255 DSCF7261 DSCF7262 DSCF7263 DSCF7264


“I don’t hear things. I say the things that are heard” Greg Archie




Summer Fun

July 9, 2014

Can’t believe it’s summer full on, the Heat was my first clue… have you tried out our misting fan:)

CF Games are in a few weeks, If one of our smarty pants computer peeps can figure it our we’d like to stream a few hours worth at the box for a party ??

We’re HOPING they  (CF HQ) will still have the Big Sky gig so be ready for that mid Aug…..

If you are interested in the Bridger showdown, Aug 19… better sign up soon, it WILL FILL up.




Aug 3 is a Sunday, IF you missed the last floating trip don’t miss this one, bring a tube and lots of sun block.

DSCF7173 DSCF7181 DSCF7189 DSCF7230



September 9th is the next muddy mucker, Missoula, who’s in?


Josie WOD shirts are in… out of 17 peeps that wanted one, we have 10. Seven of you will have to be grownups and miss out on a t-shirt for this charity WOD, yes we’ll give you your $$ back if you don’t think Josie need them more.


As most can tell the Shower is getting put in… It’s a big enough one for Tom, also in the changing rooms there will be a wee lil ‘ persons couch with TV/DVD player. A sink will also be going in , for a mini Kitchen so that we can have our protein drinks and wash glasses.


Little Johns have been absolutely awesome in their servicing of the portable toilets and use of hand wash station. Thank you Jack.


Helena Bar Bell Club is in full swing 3 times a week, there may be some shuffling of time for summer but for now we have Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30 PM and Saturday starting at 10:30, come on in and get you olympic lifting on…. we’ll be talking prices soon, won’t be much looking at an extra 15-25 per month to cover the extra coaching and specific equipment’s… stand by.


We put “margarita” out there… Jin ran this one in January, he wanted to play with it but was out of town so here are the pictures to rub a little salt on the rim

DSCF7026 DSCF7028 DSCF7032 DSCF7036 DSCF7035 DSCF7037 DSCF7038 DSCF7039



Lots of really great efforts and we aren’t making the WODs any easier :)


DSCF7052 DSCF7053 DSCF7054 DSCF7058 DSCF7055 DSCF7062 DSCF7061 DSCF7065 DSCF7069 DSCF7071 DSCF7072 DSCF7073



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Independence Day 2014

July 3, 2014

We are having a 9AM WOD at centennial Park, across from memorial, behind the YMCA, between the dump and Carroll…. Taking all comers, there will be kids and grandparents not sure about G-Bear??

11:30-noonish we’ll be heading over to Jehd and Lauren Hellands for a BBQ, the box will have some goodies (meat, grilled veggies, water/ fizzy water, some water mellons etc..) Jehd the Master griller will cook up your stuffs IF you bring something in need of cooking. as to Directions….. they’ll show up at some point.


Last weekend we were all over the place;

  • Spartan racers, Larry, Dan & Lora, Geoff & Krista + related minis were all down in SLC getting their 13 miles on…… I believe that is Larrys’ trifecta race…. The others MAY be looking to complete a super this year… Why don’t you ask them.
  • Muddy Mucker, Great Divide… I really DO NOT know how many attended but know many volunteered, THANK YOU! this is a Great cause and is very helpful in getting Katie her paycheck each period…. while I say this in jest… More $$ equates to QUALITY councilors and staff that help the kids who need it the most. There is another mucker coming up in Sept. Missoula, I think DeeAnn is already signed up :)
  • Gymnastic seminar, Altitude athletics/ Cold Smoke CrossFit. Jin, Mark, Erin Kelly and I went down for a 4 hour Gymnastic lesson, came away with some good cues and better understand of doing of some movements differently than we had been.


Aug 16th is the Bridger showdown, Bozeman….. I see 7 are already planning on playing will you ?


I don’t know the rules but asked prior to taking pictures so it must be OK…

EMILY CAROTHERS, mother of 2, husband to some guy you Football sports junkies know, amazing athlete, CF Games competitor and from the 10 minutes I spent chatting her up,…… ummm with her.

A very genuine gal who loves the community and the sport, KILL IT EMILY.

To post videos I need a star ship enterprise communications center… IE needs more power… Take it from those that have seen it, and Paiger can text?? it to you if you have not, Muscle ups with a wall ball is impressive. We’ll post a few series of cleans, both were finished but I’m sure the amount of effort to catch them was different… love seeing it.



The next ones show one that got away a little, I believe from the first pull? NOT being critical, just love the imagery, most of us would have missed this one!

Just seeing the difference in these 2 lifts shows how many LITTLE things have to be just so for an “easy” lift

S0025377 S0025379

CrossFIt Total June 16… these Numbers will be used coming up. Did you write each individual lift numbers down, you will need those ???

DSCF5031 DSCF5032 DSCF5033 DSCF5034

I totally missed out on the Slack Line… WE WILL be doing this again :)

DSCF5042 DSCF5043 DSCF5045 DSCF5046 DSCF5048 DSCF5049 DSCF5050 DSCF5073 DSCF5075 DSCF5096 DSCF5097 DSCF5098 DSCF5077

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This weekend

June 25, 2014

What are you doing this weekend? and by this weekend  we mean Saturday the 28th.

Larry, Dan, Lora, Krista and Geoff are heading to Park City for the Spartan Race Beast have fun my little beasties…


The Muddy Mucker happening up at Great Divide Ski Area… Join our team “CrossFit Helena: Look better naked.”, we are in the 12:30 heat, so show up a little early for the warm beer handstand contest.

Stop by the Marysville house afterwards for a free beer IF you show your Muddy Mucker  Race Bib, they have a good menu and full bar too.

There are a few slots left for a 4 hour gymnastics clinic down in Bozeman… $30 per each. Let Kier know by Fri noon or we’ll give them back to the fellas at Altitude who I believe want them…


Joe and Jill are on their way to Ireland…. Sure hope they have a great time, we’ll see them back here in a few weeks.


This past weekend was a blast, thank you to all that were able to make it :)

We had boats, munchies and fluids, the weather was awesome.

DSCF5248 DSCF5254 DSCF5250



Jin and Angie/ related half sizes made it out camping, a fun time was had here too, I believe we put the campfire out at about 1 AM, the last time Jin was up that late was at his CF level 1 with Mark and Geoff, Vegas BABY!

DSCF5255 DSCF5257




Jason and Erin should be back from Park city, hanging out with Speiler during their CF Level 1′s…Look for them to be coaching WODs really soon.


Here are the pictures we owe, 11th, 12th, 13th.

DSCF4975 DSCF4976 DSCF4982 DSCF4986 DSCF4992 DSCF4994 DSCF5005 DSCF5007 DSCF5008 DSCF5012 DSCF5013 DSCF5017 DSCF5015 DSCF5018


Remember there is a throw down in Bozeman coming up R you N, check the board in the office?


Copper City CrossFit will have a competitors course being tough over a weekend sometime Jul/ Aug detail to follow… the out law way.


Thanks for a very timely article DeeAnn… We have been playing with different way to program, keeping up with our GPP majority, while the minority Alpha Dogs can find more time to eat it up… Tue/ Thurs 12:30 is looking to be the most likely “longer” endurance Type WODs at the same time as those wanting “Competition Programing” ….


“If you find your self in a fair fight, your tactics suck”




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