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“Peter 4″

October 16, 2014

So many little things going on… Chad and Genevieve picked up some new sound equipment while in Missoula, THANK YOU, saved us a trip. We have ZERO idea what all the dials, buttons and switches do but so far it’s working and will only get better as we read through hundreds of pages of instructions on how to do anything with it, for now it’s making sound.

Saturday November 1st at 5 PM is our Halloween Party, we’ll have prizes for costumes some silly adult games and kids games of course. Food is pot luck style and there will be a sign up sheet shortly… perhaps even a face book info thingy group? BYOB though there will be many full Growlers.


November 8th, Powerlifting Meet will be happening at our place, we a few of our own playing and many peeps from the area. come on by help out, watch, yell eat and drink with us.


We have chatted with the ladies over at “little tykes” day care, they are by Dairy Queen, off Montana. They play with kids 4 and up but will go younger case by case, as of now they are $5 per hour, woking on $8 for 2 hours.


Here is an article that DeeAnn found for us, I’ve actually talked with a few of you about this very thing, happy that others, particularly games competitors are saying it :)

“A majority of the affiliates are programming for their athletes like they’re going to compete in the sport. They haven’t recognized the difference between the sport of CrossFit and training with CrossFit,”


DSCF8072 DSCF8073 DSCF8077 DSCF8082 DSCF8086 DSCF8087 DSCF8100 DSCF8114 DSCF8123 DSCF8142 DSCF8151 DSCF8153


You don’t drown by falling in the water.  You drown by staying there






Friday night fights…

October 10, 2014

BRING IT…. we are at the last of the throw down series, Don has been doing a great job in writing up the different WODs and getting the teams formed up, the first one we had, 20 or so peeps playing along and a few more yelling at them.

Being as this is the last one, of the CF HQ variety, lets break the place down. We’ll have the BBQ going and some fixings, bring some flesh to cook up or a few veggies to graze on, Blue ray Netflix for the kids/ and Growlers for the bigger kids.

IF we were to hold a “after hours WOD” 2 times a month to party and figure out teams for the Hypoxic throw down Copper City CF, Butte. We’re really just trying to find more excuses to hang out with ya’ all.


Tomorrow Saturday Oct 11 is Lauren big birthday bash…. Bring your party hats and some clothes to play in, there will be a few “company picnic” games, CrossFit style :)

thinking you need more info?? go here….


Are you a multi-tasker? Read this and see IF it helps…..


There will be a Halloween Party Saturday Nov 1st at the box… Friday OCtober 31 and it’s Halloween, guess the only thing better would be a full moon and Friday the 13th.



Lastly, the Snow Joke 1/2 up in Seeley just opened up…. The 36th running of the Snow Joke Half Marathon will take place on Saturday, February 28, 2015 …


I’m really missing the lot of you, the picture make it even worse…. Once our wonderful indian summer ends I’ll be back in for more play times with all of you, NOT the vampires of course… though I love you guys too.

DSCF8009 DSCF8010 DSCF8018 DSCF8022 DSCF8020 DSCF8021 DSCF8029 DSCF8030 DSCF8031 DSCF8038 DSCF8037 DSCF8042 DSCF8040 DSCF8041 DSCF8054 DSCF8057 DSCF8066 DSCF8049 DSCF8068 DSCF8069 DSCF8070 DSCF8071


Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love. Tao Te Ching



PS: Is anyone going to Missoula this weekend?? Let us know we may have a job for you.


LOVE seeing those smiles during WODs

October 7, 2014

Hate to bring things down for a moment… But we are all getting SLOPPY at the box, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES.
Put your shoes away/ take them with you, this goes for socks, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, rings, watches, hair clips, notebooks, white boards,water bottles, WOD equipment, ETC…
Put the jump ropes back WHERE THEY BELONG, not on the floor or all on the far left end.
If you have a water cup, finish drinking, we all need to drink more, then THROW your cup away.
Paper chunks on the ground in the bathroom, who picks them up IF not you, make them clean them.
Kleen-X, aka snot rags, here there and everywhere….

Please, just a little effort by all will go a long ways… THANK YOU.


What an awesome weekend in Billings, Alternative Athletics puts on a great show, we were outside at Lake Elmo State Park. Prior to seeing the place we were a bit nervous, many had told us of the lakes party history and drug scene….. IF you haven’t been back in the last 3-4 years go check it out. It was a nice place, clean/ plentiful restrooms, New play ground, shelters, Picnic tables, dog park, non-motorized boat ramp, tons of parking… etc very nice venue for the 5th annual Pukies Bash or whatever HQ told them they had to call it this year.

Liz, (Vampire, 0530 AM peeps) and club Jehd* both came to play in their first competition and both placed 3rd, Awesome work from both of them in some tough events. I believe the last WOD of OH plate run, sand bucket carries and barbell lunges, all done in sand on a grade, over boxes this was everyones favorite goodie. This was where everyone saw what our version of athleticism IS, those who persisted and those that had to breath.  :)


This Friday we’ll be having a throw down party Friday 5:30pm – till the beer is gone, Come ready to get your WOD on, or just to eat, drink and cheer those going for it with friends. We’ll have the BBQ fired up IF you want to bring some flesh to fry or vegetables to graze on.

HERE is a fun one, Lauren got older last week and is throwing a party this Saturday at 4. You’ve seen the Carrot cake and eaten the wonderful baked goods come try our some more foods stuffs and see all the digging Jehd has been doing in the back yard. Everything one may need to know is conveniently located here…

Saturday Nov 1st Halloween Party… more info to follow, I need to go buy drinks for some beautiful ladies for more details :)

November 8Th PowerLifting Meet… at our Place, come check it out and yell for our Helena BarBell Club playing along. Miki I believe, is the defending Champion? Kelly is doing her first ever PL comp, IF we get a smile from her like we saw in Bozeman, that right there is worth the day.

Hypoxic Throw down, CopperCity CF, December 6th… this is a TEAM EVENT, 2 boys 2 girls, only 2 teams per Box, we should have try outs and put together a team of “PlAy’aahhSS” who wants some.


Fun pictures, most are peeps smiling while sweating and working hard.














*Club Jehd, Didn’t know all the angles to this cat… After double fisting crown and cokes he and his sister belted out some salt’N peppa, Karaoke style. wanna a exclusive entertainment cruse… Club Jehd.


“All my best qualities are in my friends” me


Last of the lot in pictures.

September 28, 2014

Overhead Squat thoughts…..

Mobility: If you can’t keep your torso upright, you’re going to be lifting well below your capacity. No amount of Overhead Squats will fix that. Only mobility drills will.
Midline stability: The ability to maintain a tight core is key on the overhead squat. Ethere is a movement in class, think tight butt, ribcage down. Practice it – the midline will get stronger as a result. Make it burn and challenge the core. You will see the results.
Strength: perfect the position. Take your time on the movement. Get your body and in particular, your central nervous system, used to moving correct. Be patient. Perfect form. Once you perfect form, add weight. The way to building requisite strength is to challenge PERFECT form with load and keep pushing it.
After one has mastered these skills (great mobility, mid-line stability, and requisite strength), grab a barbell, put it over your head and squat.

So we’ll finish up with all the pictures that we have to date and be ready to start up fresh this week.

























Thats all folks


Pictures of memories…

September 28, 2014

As promised we are dumping a bunch of pictures so if you see you tag it, I really don’t know what that means but I’ve heard it being said.

We will start with Tuesday the 9th and press on from there.























More in the next one.


Change of seasons is only temporary.

September 28, 2014

As nice as Thursday was, 83F at 10PM, the change of seasons this weekend will allow us post a few blogs. We’ll catch up a bit on events with this post then send out a few more with lots of pictures, It takes some time for the photos to download and often the wordpress site locks out prior to them finishing loading but we’ll have the photo evidence of your labors up today,These Conditions of up today are applicable except to the extent that they are contrary to applicable laws, government regulations, or orders, in which event the contrary law, regulation or order shall prevail. If any provision of these Conditions is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions shall remain valid. acts of god excluded.
I’ve been reading lots of legal stuffs WTF, It’s tough to make a sentence so difficult to understand what it means ????

Yesterday CHrAmy got married, some nice pictures if you creep (thanks for the word Genevieve) on their pages.

This coming Saturday Oct 4th is the knuckle bump thruster crunch pukies used-ta be competition, Paiger and I will be there not sure who else is heading to Billings?

October 11th Joy and Marshal are getting married some where in Utah, if you happen to be somewheres in the state “crash it”….

Nov 8, powerlifting competition at the Box….

We are going to start hammering OH Squats, some of us will be using PVC or trainers bars, while others are using their body weight…. MOBILITY, strength and Technique.
Below is one of many good articles to read about Over Head Squatting and a quote we should all keep in mind, “Realize that it took your shoulders years, if not decades, to get tight – so they are not going to open back up in a day. Be patient and work consistently. Consistent effort will yield better results than trying to pack a ton into a single day or session per week”

Knowing that some will not be able to do over head work, perfecting front squats and nailing mobility will keep you just as occupied and making good gains, we also have 3 sets of Crossover symmetry bands now, ask Jin how his shoulders feel after using them also ask Jin how to PROPERLY use the damn things (one could watch the CD we have if they like) and give them a shot.

We love to see many of you are looking at the level boards and going the extra mile to log in some level #’s to see where you may need to focus you time for best improvements. We are working on standards of movements, CF.COM has them under facts not sure we need to C & P all of them but having some easy to understand standards for proper level designations will help those linear thinkers not feel cheated :).

Using a Skills session once or twice a month to “test out” some skills on the charts, more frequently to start with to get the numbers in also partnering up so each has a judge and things like push ups and dips aren’t so subjective.
These levels are to help all of us focus on what things we have the greatest room for improvement. IF we all have the same weaknesses we will be able to change the programing to help fix these deficits and hopefully be better all around athletes.




















Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.


Fun times had by all

September 22, 2014

Last Friday wrapped up another great week at CrossFit Helena. Each week brings new joy and laughter into our lives, we keep having parties and throw downs, we have weddings and birthday parties, Paleo challenges and adventure races, river floats and camping trips. IF you haven’t come along with us for some out of the box entertainment, you SHOULD.

We have Birthdays galore….. Last week was Lori’s and Jin’s this  weeks Kaite H, Mrs Harlowrock, MOM… is Wed??? Lauren H, hot hips helandhand is next week and … well you guys get the idea.

Weddings, obviously Chris and Amy are getting married, as we had the ChrAmy WOD on Friday, well Joy and Marshal are getting married Oct 4th. so give Joy a hard time, with a little extra for her to pass along to Marshal.

We are getting into that time of year when more and more peeps will be coming inside for their play times and crowding may once again raise it’s ugly head, WE THINK??? moving the pull up rack to the “short” wall can give us more room? as we finish up the changing rooms and downstairs Kids room, up stairs will be the CrossFit Kids Club House. where things are going to get very tight is when we have to WODs worth of peeps, one group warming up the other cooling down, do what you can to keep the place organized and clean, thank you.


The “level” boards are up….. PLEASE use these as a tool to see what areas you could use improvement in. shooting for all 4’s will only drive you nuts, find a weak spot and hammer it til it is no longer a weak spot, find another and do it all over again. For me I would love to see the majority of my levels all at the same #, as in I’m VERY well rounded, NOT lets say as I am now, some 1’s some 4’s the rest 2 and 3… would love to LIVE all in the 3’s… improving things as I can. Also we haven’t discussed any standards….

“L-sit” for instance-The trunk should be perpendicular to the ground, the legs parallel to the floor, 90 degree bend at hips.

Is 4 such a great number that one would accept of themselves a shitty “L” sit to write it down? We are intending this Levels chart to be useful in seeing where we can be better not to see haw high of numbers we can reach.

I also think it would be fun to have “test out” days, so from time to time everyone gets to do one or 2 of the movements on the chart to see where their improvements are and to put some colors up on the boards.


We’re posting ChrAmy pictures, KNOWING we owe 2 weeks.


DSCF7720 DSCF7722 DSCF7726 DSCF7737 DSCF7739 DSCF7744 DSCF7749 DSCF7760 DSCF7765 DSCF7774 DSCF7777 DSCF7778 DSCF7779 DSCF7780


Love is not about sex, going on fancy dates, or showing off.  It’s about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can.





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