Everyday Warrior, 2 more weeks.

Hero WODs  have been rolling in lately, from the Barbells for Boobs last month to  Everyday Warriors and the “3 Wise Men” this month, EACH of these is a charity raising funds to help out our fellow earthlings going through something out of this world. We would like to thank EACH of you for all that you do! Be it in spreading the word for more people to come to our crazy events, spending time supporting said crazy events, giving your hard earned $$ to support those things “we think” are worth supporting or doing anything helpful. THANK YOU.

The Barbells for Boobs totals.

  • The CFH online B4B account was at $1400. When we closed out the dip tank Oct 24th, what it topped out at I have no idea but it all went to a great cause that Michelle loves.
  • We Mailed out $967 worth of Checks to B4B…
  • $594 directly to Michelle, the reason why we all put the efforts in :), with an additional $115+ ( I got lazy and stopped counting $1’s) from the $ for cards campaign.

We enlisted the help of all of you for some shenanigans at Michelle’s house. Allison, her sister had asked earlier in the month, IF anyone/ everyone would be willing to send some cards to Michelle as one of her treatments was very close to her B-day… We of course took this to the next level, with the help of one of our new Vampires, Tom ( Michelle’s big brother) we secured a Key and went to work in her house while she was out killing cancer. Our hope is that every time she finds a new “gift” ( purchased by your donation $ or the actual $$ ) hidden somewhere, EVERYWHERE in her home,  she remembers how many people love her, are here to help her smile and of course keep her form up while lifting heaving things and putting them down again. PS: what is really awesome is that Michelle asked for a rain check on her B-day party… stand by.

Jen is setting up a few things for the season, A coat, hat, gloves, blanket, food drives… and more. What’s coming up Quickly is the adopt a family drive. You single people that have no place to go this year help us out. We have Families with extra food and chairs that need filling. So come on don’t be stingy with your hollidays, have a dinner/ evening with a family when away from your own family :) . Let us know or some poor family will go single personless this season.

Sundays 2-4 open Box come on in and get some Sunday
Yogility Sunday evening 530 PM, a fine blending of Yoga mobility and crying about both.
Saturdays  0930 Helena Barbell is back on for the winter.

December 8th Copper City CrossFit Hypoxia throwdown series…

January 16th-17th, yep 2 days… the Strength Stampede…

As you stand around chattering.. WE LOVE that we are your social place… remember the importance of a good warm up and there is ONLY SO MUCH time in 60 minutes for actual WODs.
“Most serious strength athletes take care of these tasks diligently, yet at the same time they’re negligent when it comes to two other disciplines that are most important to success in the weight room: warming up and stretching.”


DSCF4904 DSCF4900 DSCF4915 DSCF4933

Sorry for the lack of pictures, having plenty of computer problems, particularly with pictures… Anyone want a Mini-Mac cheap, we’re going back to PC, anyone want to build a PC?  Talk to Paige or I :)


“You don’t have to be better than someone else, to feel good about yourself ” bumper sticker stuck on  my retinas.



A little about Jin-ger….

So I would think 95% of us at some point or another have dealt with Jin or his better half Angie. They have been playing with us for 5+ years and by just looking at the place one would not see their impact on CrossFit Helena (CFH), yet without them we would not be us.

Jin, doing L-Sit

Jin started with us spring/summer 2010 eventually moving to mornings and being our only 6am guy. It was just him and a coach for almost 2 years… talk about solitary confinement. 6 AM bust out a WOD , this doesn’t mean the coach worked out with him, just that he was there drinking coffee playing music so Jin could get his WOD on,  BwwwwWAHAHAHAHAAAA….. He kept coming. Now the Jin we know today was a bit more…. ummmmm… let’s say reserved :) but being a good boy scout and Air Force Academy guy his straight lines have softened just enough and only for the better.

crossfit 049 burpees happen... crossfit 037

If you have read anything in this blog that is confusing, uses misspelled words, has garbled stories of indecipherable intent, uses horrid grammar, factually could be considered incorrect or is otherwise humorless that is me. Roll with it,  this a glimpse at MY perception thus my reality of events. I’ll leave stuff out and go out of order, not have the correct dates or invert summers… moving on.

Somewhere in time Angie joined us, a total add to the box and the ying to Jins Yang.

CrossFit Open House 042

Sometime prior to leaving the original box before moving into the old building, Jin went to Vegas and got his CFLV1 then shortly after his CF Kids Cert,  the only LEGAL way to run a CF Kids program. Thus began our foray into midgets under 12 playing for realz. Ask him about Vegas for a laugh or 2 :). So in a rash move we change locations, our rent was going up and the space wasn’t all that great with posts in the middle, walls in the way and low ceilings. At the new place (old place now) the OSB was routed on all edges, and then hung, All the edging and strips of OSB to cover Drywall lines up, Wiring bathrooms, painting, boxes for box jumps, kids room ….

IMG_0096 IMG_0097

Jin built the wall ball wall at home, engineering feat, brought it in, shimmed it up flush, trim, plum, level, bobbed, pedicured and permed.


THEN we needed pull up bars, wall ball racks ….. oh and how about even earlier classes, and kids at 3:30, can Angie Run a Paleo Challenge, boy did she.


Yes still more, about 3 more years worth, may be shorter just to list it out? Look here is the point. If it’s clear concise and to the point Jin did it… Boxes for jumping yep, wall ball/ changing room yep, loft storage, yep. hot water heater, yep. T-shirts yep, Sweaters yep, DO you have freaking Siri on your phone, he helped invent that shit.!

Jin is a good dude, what he does he puts thought into and tries his best to make things better, if he goes out and does something it is for the good of all not himself. While getting a few  sentences out of him now is commonplace, there was a time…….  We trust him with your kids and with our Vampires who stayed around. IF you have something to ask of him he will exceed your expectations so aim high and give good guidance. Thank you Jin and Angie for being such a huge part of this zoo for so long, love you guys.


If one hasn’t registered for the everyday warrior there is still time, they’ve extended WOD submission times and late registration :) Were running them every Tuesday this month anyways…

Tomorrow is Veterans day…U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed Armistice Day for November 11, 1919. In proclaiming the holiday, he said

“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.”

For such a day we will do a this WOD highlighting a great charity, helping out Vets.  Three Wise Men.


Sundays have some action now… Kelly keeps the Karaoke at bay each Sunday from 2-4pm ,  OPEN BOX
Go grab something good to eat and come back at 5:30 pm for Yogility with Lauren, a fine blend of Yoga and mobility, bring your own fart jokes. we’ve got the rest covered.

What you DO today makes what you ARE tomorrow, actions not words.






Barbells 4 Boobs and all that they do…

WOW, what an absolutely amazing weekend. IF you were able to join us for the BarBells for Boobs FUN-draiser, thank you for playing with us. We know we totally beat those cats in Bozo, unless you ask them,  then I don’t really know who raised more and it doesn’t matter!!!!

CFH has UNOFFICIALLY raised $2300 for B4B. We think there are a few checks still in the Mail so it might come up a bit? Seeing everyone out smiling, having fun, supporting this awesome cause and becoming aware of WHAT we are supporting was outstanding. The media coverage was an added bonus to get the word out even further about this great organization ( Barbells For Boobs) helping athletes directly fight the fight.

I will forget to thank somebody…. just know that is ME forgetting, NOT your efforts going unrecognized.  EVERYONE had a part and EVERY bit of it helped make this event so great in order to support Barbells for Boobs who in turn has Help “the girl” we love, Michelle.

Altitude Athletics/ Cold Smoke CrossFit and CrossFit Helena, or sometimes seen in the news as Helena CrossFit (ooops )  have had a lot of recognition. There were other Boxes in the state playing also, I know Zootown had it going on in Missoula and I heard rumors of something happening in Billings?? IF your box wasn’t able to play this year… IT HAS NOTHING  to do with the BOX, it’s all about Barbells 4 Boobs and helping THEM do great things. Tell your box owners to get it together, get out of their heads and do good things for Barbells 4 Boobs.


To our Coaches and athletes who came in early and stayed late to get this thing set up… We owe you more than can be repaid but you have the admiration and love from all that came and saw what a group can do to support one of their own. To those that volunteered to get Dunked and to those that  paid to dunk them, you are awesome. THANK YOU.

This organization is around all year not just cancer awareness month.. So when you are setting up your monthly/ yearly charitable donations don’t forget about what happened this weekend and how great it was, pay up suckers :)


This Saturday evening…. CFH halloween Party, by now you should all be signed up on the list at the Box and have the date marked out for fun and games at CFH. It’ll be pot luck, yes the box will have some things too, Bring your great smiles and wear and outfit as ye shall be judged and COULD win a prize or 2.

Please Sign up for “everyday warriors” we are under CrossFit Helena… ya, ya I know, finally getting around to this whole marketing thing, it’s only been 4 years…..
We will start with their WOD on Nov 2nd.

Here is CrossFit Billings owner, Games competitor, Dan and Lora Mc Awesomes brother in-law, Yurri Hanson. We do not EXPECT all to love Isagenix as much as the  dozen plus at CrossFit Helena already loving it do. Nor even for all of you to test it out, seeing IF it is better than what you are currently eating… HOWEVER, you were at one point willing to TRY out CrossFit. Trying out a fuel so that one can be better at life and CrossFit seems like an easy thing to do. Isagenixs even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it… WE are doing our best to not PUSH this stuff, but when one finds something that works for them it’s really hard not to talk about it,  A LOT. What’s the meme “How do you know when somebody does crossfit… because it’s all they F-ing talk about”


Stone Tree Climbing center opened up Sunday, WE will be having a WOD or 2 there so give us a second to get our “stuffs” together and we’ll invade the place….

We REALLY want to post about Jamandas wedding, but want them to have their own posting… Let this one sit for 12+ hours and stand-by for more reading on HOW MUCH FUN this wedding was… Oh and pictures IF I can get a few from Elizabeth or Genevieve…

Long read few pictures…. here ya go for those that can’t read.

DSCF7876 DSCF7879 DSCF7857 DSCF7835 DSCF7839 DSCF7846 DSCF7832 DSCF7833 DSCF7834 DSCF7799 DSCF7800 DSCF7802 DSCF7805 DSCF7808


You did not wake up today to be mediocre, be exceptional.


Find your adventure in smiles.

Have I mentioned to all of you how GREAT this whole thing is? I mean we didn’t come up with CrossFit… But we are CFH, each of us adds to the whole and each of us is better for these transactions. Life is not something that we that happens TO us, it should be something that happens FOR us.

If you have tried Paleo and liked the results but are unable to keep up with it or have tried to eat better but aren’t feeling the results you think you should be getting yet still spending the oh so expensive prices…  Paige is having AWESOME results, most all know her history and the years spent recovering, Deac is coming back strong and had been crushing his times. Look at Angie N., yowza Getting all sorts of new PRs firming up and showing some great definition. Ed, Kelly, Mark I mean 32nd on the planet for a grey hair…. There are more and more giving it a go at the box each week. Catching on like Paleo did. Ask either of the Mc Awesomes they’ve been drinking the “koolaid” for a few years now. Looking to drop a few pounds, firm up butt ( see what I did there ; )  tired of the 10 hours of food prep time?  As with EVERYTHING else in life it is a choice to  go further or stay where you are. Eating is important, eating the right stuff is even more so, if your getting you ass kicked each week shopping, cutting, cooking bagging and freezing… let us know.

JAMANDA’s wedding… I’ll be a little late cleaning up after B4B but there is no reason for the rest of you to miss this I mean a  Scavenger hunting adventure…I’ll have to dart someone with a locater chip and find the crowds.

lessen terrorism

We have all sorts of stuffs happening at CFH. Friday and Saturday we are doing the Barbells For Boobs (B4B) event we have been talking about. Friday is the standard B4B Grace that many will be able to play with, IF one isn’t there yet or is avoiding OH movements there will be as always a scaled way to play. For Saturday as advertised we will be doing a different WOD so that the PUBLIC can play without having to be taught GTO movements on “game day”. The weather guesser are calling for 56 degrees, so the dunk tank will be more like a hot tub… That may be a stretch but warm tub. IF people are too skeert to play a dunking game we can always charge for 5 min in the “hot tub” for raising funds. Bring your friend/s or at a minimum their wallets to help support this great cause. Food and beer starting at 11 AM Saturday.

It’s a FUNdraiser get over-yourselves  and come play with us…  One CAN go hunting in the evenings ya know.

Want a clue on just a few of the movements? Cancer is a DRAG, but B4B is here to help PICK UP the lives of those that have been FLIPPED upside down by cancer, help is in our GRASP….. burpees  :)

Pukies Bash ( or whatever the communist state is requiring it be called now ) is November 7th, are you signed up? This is a great fun competition, far far away (Billings). When 50 miles away from home party like you’re back in rome, dunno something like that. Shots of to-kill-ya the hard mans way, moscow mules and Karaoke, YEEEHAW.

For the month of November we will be joining the Everyday warriors and gathering more $$ for fighting Cancer. Yes that’s right what’s it to ya we’re going raise more FUNds for those doing the dance with Cancer. Go sign up or we’ll take away all your birthdays.

DSCF7680 DSCF7684 DSCF7669 DSCF7666 DSCF7711 DSCF7707 DSCF7703 DSCF7694 DSCF7692 DSCF7686
Florence Crittenton is raffling off two tickets for the MO FUN bus to the GARTH BROOKS concert Friday, October 30th! Raffle Tickets are $50 each. That gets you entered to win: 2 seats on the MO FUN bus,2 tickets to the concert and overnight accommodations! 
To purchase your ticket, call 406.442.6950 starting from 9am- 5pm weekdays until the drawing takes place October 26, at 12pm. 
Thank you
Florence Crittenton


Where are you allowing your life to take you, is it where you want to go. IF you don’t want to be where you are, CHANGE that shit up.



Halloween at the BOX

It’s time to eat, drink and be scary…

Halloween at the BOX will bring a terrible fright on October 31st a dark, dark night…So bring your Soul and dress just right, your disguise may help you make next light.  Arrive if you dare, at 6 o’clock where blood runs cold but the music is hot! 

Come join us for our Spooktacular Halloween Costume Party at CrossFit Helena October 31st @ 6:00 PM!!

Prizes will be awarded based on attendee vote, for the following categories:

  • Kids Under 7 (Boy / Girl)
  • Kids 7 and Over (Boy / Girl)
  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female
  • Best Group
  • Best Couple

Food will be pot luck style, there is a sign-up sheet in the office.  Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) of choice.  We will have games for young and old, so bring your competitive spirit, and get ready for a laugh or two.

Volunteers are NEEDED…  If you would like to help out, we are looking for volunteers to decorate Saturday 10/31/2015 around 2:00PM.  If you have extra tables and chairs, please bring them by the BOX (and label your items, so that we can make sure they are returned).

 Join us if you DARE…

Barbells for Boobs

Join us for our Barbell for Boobs fundraising event on October 23/24, 2015! We are trying to raise more money than Altitude Athletics/Coldsmoke CrossFit down in Bozeman. Can we do it? ABSOLUTELY! Start donating now and tell everyone you know! There will be a new round of work outs every :30 min starting at 0830 running to 11, when the BBQ, drinks and dunk tank start up for real’z.

Make your donation here:

We will also be selling tshirts in conjunction with Altitude Athletics/Coldsmoke CrossFit, so make sure to get your order in before Friday, October 9. There will be a second shirt order after this Friday, they just may not be here in time for the fun.


The main event will be October 24 from 7:30am to 11, with workouts beginning every :30 min, 10-15 min of actual butt kicking?. We will have a designated WOD (Work Out of the Day) for the event, games (dunk tank anyone?) and a barbeque to boot. Don’t miss it! Help us support a good cause that is near and dear to us.

So that together we can take action, raise funds and help detect potentially life-threatening breast cancer occurrences. Barbells for Boobs is dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.

Michelle McGree is one of our own, recently began fighting her second battle with breast cancer. She is a glowing, beautiful gal that brings so much to our box. We will fight for her. We are rallying together in her honor to help other women and men prevent breast cancer.

All fundraising efforts support much needed detection services in local communities across the country. Remember that the funds raised to support Barbells for Boobs mission are vital to those who may not have the means or access to critical detection services.

Make a donation of any amount on our fundraising team page or an individual team members page. For every $80 raised, ONE more person will know if they are living with breast cancer.

Additionally, you can spread the word and help us reach our goal by sharing this page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or even better, send an email to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to our page.

Together, with one unified voice we can make a difference.

Together we can help. Because… Everyone Has a RIGHT to Know.



We didn’t know if everyone had gotten the word? James and Amanda are making it official October 24, so when we previously joked about Jamanda, it’s even funnier now :) Stay tuned for fun games, pictures and stuffs coming up in celebrating these great kids.

DSCF6361 DSCF7592 DSCF6334


Where are all our Sweat Angle check- ins?? This Weeks goings ons at CFH-
Wednesday the 7th, 6:30PM– Muscle Up clinic Part Deux, come join Genevieve and her crew of “well this is how we do it”. Learn some steps for improving, watch a few, try a few, jump them in, get a spot whatever. All levels welcome! We will be helping those working on Pull ups/ dips also…
Thursday the 8th, 6:30 – 2nd CrossFit HQ Team series.
-come in, find a partner get your ass kicked :)
-beer and food afterwards/for those watching. Just another way to hang out with your friends and get stronger.
Saturday the 10th, TBD- Working at either the Re-store or a home…. I think it’ll be 10 am till about 2 could be more… we’ll put out details as we get them.
Monday the 12th, 4-8- Isagenix coming out party, have questions, want answers, this is the start of it all for us. We now have a professional program at the box and will be selling what we believe to be a great product. One does NOT have to sell it to see if it works in their machine. There will be a 30 day challenge with $1000, $500, and $250 cash prizes, running Oct 19- nov 17th. come in for details.

Barbells 4 Boobs– 23/ 24th,  here is what we have. We will be running Grace all day Friday, $5 donation gets one a pink bag of tricks and a chance at some door prizes, all totally silly of course.
Then something a little more public friendly and fun on Saturday from 0830 to 1100. 11 is when the BBQ and Beer begins.


We will be selling t-shirts from the gang down at AltitudeAthletics and other stuffs all $$ going to Barbells for Boobs…
Want a shirt you will need to order by THIS Friday the 9th-
Size- xs, s, m, l, xl, 2xl
color- Still working on choices,
style- regular, v-neck, tank top
We don’t have the price yet either, but it won’t be as expensive as the popcorn we’ve all bought ;)
Saturday should be a total circus, a fun WTF is happening here type thing. Bring your friends, family, coworkers, break someone out of the psych ward, bring your boss and put’m in the dunk tank, yes it’s that kind of a of deal.
Got an Emu we can pet? we want it.

DSCF7597 DSCF7604 DSCF7591 DSCF7656 DSCF7652 DSCF7651 DSCF7647 DSCF7646 DSCF7606 DSCF7608 DSCF7613 DSCF7634 DSCF7639 DSCF7645


By next Wednesday  Oct14th each of you needs to know how to tie a Bowline and a Square knot…. it’ll only cost 15 burpees if you don’t. Google that shit or we can show you when you come play with us….

“Never do something permanently foolish just because you are temporarily upset.” I should take a cue from this one -Repo


Faster – Stronger – Better


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