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Having a great time, wish you were here.

August 25, 2014

Had a tremendous amount of participation for “pretty princess” and “little deputy” a very long WOD at 00:35+ min for most, We’ll try doing them again but solo…. as in one or the other, liked those front lunges.

I think most CF boxes in the state held a fund raiser for Deputy Dunn, I love that so many were thinking of him and his family, send them so love as they’ll need it for some time. Not sure till we mail it off on how much we raised but we had many who donated to both the Deputy James Dunn’s family and to ALS. IF you haven’t thrown some $$ in the kitty we mail off both packages Friday afternoon. Thank you all for playing along and helping out.

Jeremy called the whole box out for the ice bucket deal,… no one really cares IF you dump water/ ice over your head but it’s a funny thing to watch and a great way to get peeps to give and learn ALS.

Even IF one feels dumping water over their head is a silly thing to do… embrace you inner child and give the rest of us something to smile about, of course giving up $10 is the important part not the ice.

*Rulesish: “The deal” is to donate $$ to charity and dump water over ones head “calling out” 3 others to do the same.. if one does not do so they are suposto give $100 to ALS.


Tomorrow night, Thursday Aug 28, 6:30 PM there is a party/ Team throw down at the box….. Don has set this all up so thank him for the good times… see you there. (below is what I plagiarized directly from Don’s FB post)

“Team Series fun WOD this Thursday night at 630pm. All workouts should be posted by then so anyone interested in participating or spectating show up, we’ll draw straws or whatever for as many teams as we can field across the divisions(Rx/Masters/Scaled), pick a WOD and go. BYOB hangout session after with some surplus beer potentially being donated. Tried to tag everyone I know and will put something up on the board tomorrow but tag anyone who’d be interested.

Takes two men and two women to form a team and HQ is going to announce 2-5 WODs on the three dates(8/28,9/18,10/9). So far they’ve announced three for the first leg of the series:”


After traveling to a few campground and talking to a few who have rogered up for camping we have moved area’s….. We will be out in my stoping grounds, Canyon Creek. There is a water fall, providing there is enough water, a swimming hole, some old stamping mill sites, miles and miles of trails for Bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and hikers/ lounge arounders. We’ll provide more info for those who are going to make it out.

Labor day Monday Sept 1st, 2 WODs all day long… we are thinking 8:30 and 4:30 PM, start crying now IF this doesn’t work for you…. We’ve been asking for almost a month and not many seemed to care or be around?? Unless we hear about it otherwise 8:30 AM and 4:30PM.

Saturday September 6 Dirty Dash Missoula, we are the wind ninja’s, outfits we still need to figure out our outfits.


Thing are starting to pick up for the winter season, not sure if anyone else is noticing we are pushing a little harder to keep peeps on task… thus trying to keep us on time. YOU guys can help the Coaches a lot by listening to them when they are talking. I like the USAW guidelines for coaches, and I’m taking liberties with them and making them ours:

1) SAFETY first. Clear ones area and ensure everything that can be removed is.

2) Listen to the coach who’s WOD time it is.  (other coaches need to STFU unless asked by coach who WOD it is, Sorry Mark.)

3) When the Coach is talking you should NOT BE. (no burpee penalties yet, well maybe from Paiger who throws them out from time to time, better know everyones names too )


DSCF7933 DSCF7931 DSCF7921 DSCF7958 DSCF7923 DSCF7922 DSCF7957 DSCF7956 DSCF7944 DSCF7935 DSCF7934

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.




Summer is still kick’N

August 20, 2014

It’s mid August and still plenty of time to have fun. This coming weekend we are hosting Copper City CF, for a Traveling WOD… next month we may try 406 in GF, ya I know that we gotta drive. It’s great fun meeting and playing with others, we had planned to be at Spring Meadow State park but the WX guessers are saying it could be crappy?? so stand by and we’ll do something fun.

Later in the day Saturday we’ll be having a poll vaulting fund raiser, Chase traveled a long way and did Great took 13th in the nation… his Coaches have been VERY kind in offering to spend a 1/2 day helping us get over the bar. $50 for some world class coaching and sailing through the air like a bird.


Last weekends Bridger Showdown was a blast, Kelly got second in scaled, Lora and Mark each grabbed up first in masters, Super fun to watch them kicking butt… the rest of us had fun sweating and playing in a crowd.

This Friday we will be running a fundraiser for Deputy James Dunn who was killed in the line of duty last Friday, bring some $$ with you and put them in the bucket, we are giving all funds to the go fund me page set up to help the family.  We’ve been contacted by a few other boxes wanting to participate in this so it won’t just be our 2400 SF thinking about James Dunn.


We’re still planning on camping Saturday Aug 30 Hellgate campground…… Boats, quads, motorcycles and campfires :)


Saturday Sept 6 Dirty Dash Missoula, get signed up now! we are the “wind ninjas” team captain is DeeAnn Cooney… for the Dirty Dash… it is also being called the mud mucker… same same. Sign up and come play with your friends, we also need to figure out outfits, who will plan such a thing ??

This is a fun article to read as we creep into winter, Thanks DeeAnn.



Freeze frame-


DSCF7842 DSCF7849 DSCF7853 DSCF7860 DSCF7872 DSCF7873 DSCF7874 DSCF7875




The 31 heroes WOD,  a great time to think about all the men and women that risk a hell of a lot to get their buddies out of a jam.

Courage keeps one fighting for their brothers and the brotherhood is strong.

Not forgetting Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters, they too only have one another to turn to when it’s going down.


DSCF7890 DSCF7896 DSCF7897 DSCF7903 DSCF7905 DSCF7892 DSCF7908 DSCF7906 DSCF7904DSCF7915DSCF7914DSCF7913


“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to CHOOSE one thought over another.”  William James









Camping LaborDay weekend.

August 12, 2014

This Saturday, Aug 16th is the Bridger Showdown… Bozeman.

Next Saturday Aug 23 we will be meeting at Spring Meadow Lake 9AM for the free WOD, the 0730 will be at the box. Think of this as an WOD/BBQ party.

Sunday Aug 24 Painting party, bathroom and changing rooms need some color.

The following Weekend is Labor day, how about a Saturday evening campout? An overnighter plus? Thinking Hellgate campground, canyon ferry, IF we can find spaces… Planes trains and automobiles… bring one bring them all. We may even get a few boats to drag us around who knows?

Saturday Sept 6 in Missoula is the muddy mucker, we are registered under wind ninja’s, DeeAnn Cooney is Team Captain.

This is a great article.

-You can’t improve if you keep getting injured.

-don’t fail,  make mistakes. And mistakes are what drive their effort for improvement

-Crossfit is a journey based on passion they have for it. Sometimes this road is long and bumpy and it’s definitely never easy, but it’s always worthy



















DU’s gotz ya down…. this may help… I have no sympathy, it took me a year and a half for DU’s… so keep beating yourself up, or watch this and keep trying:)



Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.



Cinco de Augusto….

August 5, 2014

We totally missed Cinco de Mayo… at lest I don’t remember it ?

Remember Fridays new 5:30 PM WOD with Erin.

There are activities each and every weekend this month and we are already talking about booking up more days in Sept.

This Sunday Aug 10 we are floating, the convoy of “anything that floats” will be leaving Super 1 Foods at 10 AM…. planning on hitting the water by noonish at wolf Creek bridge put in… finishing in Craig 3-4 hours later with an open invite to join us at Izzaks for chow after floating (~$20 depending on drinking habits and food choices ) . IF you don’t have a floating device, ask around to borrow one or buy one $10-20. Whalen Tire sell Truck tubes for 15. Remember munchies, drinks, sunblock, hat, sunglasses…. etc.

Saturday the 16Th is CFB showdown, held at the Bridger West location, four corners area.  I believe there will be coaches in town to hold all Saturday WODs,…. IF something changes we’ll put it up in red. Did you sign up? It isn’t too late!

Saturday the 23 is a traveling WOD day and we’ll have the 0730 at the BOX along with Helena barbell Club at 9:30…. but the thing MOST should be excited about is the 0900 WOD at Spring Meadow Lake State Park. Bring something to play in. possibly even something that may get wet??? we are planning on borrowing 2 safety crafts, one each from Angie G and Amanda, NOT sure if they know this or not yet ? Bring a friend, a cooler, beach blanket and towel….

Labor day weekend, _____________ what are we doing?  What are YOU doing? … IF everyone isn’t booked perhaps this would be a great time for a final camping trip, fun/ easy/ close?  Or it could be already booked and of no use and how about WODs on Monday, run them as usual or just have a select few as most will be traveling/ out of town/ taking the day off ?? TALK TO US PEOPLE  :)

Sept 6th is the Mud mucker, missoula… sign up as “wind Ninjas” 10 am DeeAnn Coney is the team captain I believe. Come on this is a great cause, fun event and you get do get dirty with your friends.


There are a few different programing options IF you are finding you need more. Cody has the Yellow binder and programs Endurance stuffs, as Don had the Orange binder and is running the competitors programing from Outlaw. We are attempting to run these as OFP… but if there is too much going on with the rest of the room you may be forced to make a decision of doing whats being run with all/ coming back in later/ moving outside or taking a day off. THANK YOU for not making the coaches kick you out, but doing it on your own :)


A few articles that explain things better than my gibberish.



This one should get peeps chatting :)  The USA vs: RKC….


This one has some really good points on things that happen daily, “who’s fault is it, being right,  Trying to impress others, etc….” why do we care we know better but get caught up in the garbage anyways… let’s be better at not caring about that petty stuff but for one another.


DSCF7618 DSCF7620 DSCF7622 DSCF7624 DSCF7625 DSCF7743 DSCF7744 DSCF7745 DSCF7747 DSCF7748 DSCF7749


“Choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” confucius



Tom’s a papa bear

August 1, 2014

Congratulations Big guy,  :)

Is it cool to talk about the weather ?…. because it’s HOT out! August starts tomorrow probably going to get hotter.

Friday Aug 8th David Harris ( coach at HAC) will be at the box to help with Muscle Ups and a few other cool gymnastic moves, 5:30 PM

Sunday Aug 10th is our float trip…. we’ll be be pulling out of the super 1 foods parking lot at 10AM, doing the car boogie woogie at the Wolf creek bridge, hoping to be on the water by noon.

Saturday Aug 16th we are all heading down to Bozeman West for the CFB Showdown, YOU DID SIGN UP RIGHT ? It isn’t too late.

Saturday Aug 23 Copper City CF is doing their traveling WOD, visiting us… We may even suck a few in from Bozeman who knows… We’ll have the 0730 regular WOD that morning but the Free 0830 will be held at 9AM, spring meadow lake… yep bring something to get wet in, doesn’t mean one HAS to swim if it’ll ruin your day :)

Sept 1 Labor day…. what’s up, what do you want, let us know, we’ll have the WOD times for Labor day in 2 weeks.

Have you checked out the new 5:30 PM Friday WODs, Erin is taking it so if it works for you give her a big thank you, Thanks Erin.

While we are thanking peeps, Don and Mike have been doing a great job programing and printing out the competitors WOD that lives in the Yellow binder in the office, right next to the orangeish binder that holds Cody’s endurance programing, thanks for putting the extra effort in, IF you are wanting either of these types of programing in you life we are trying to run them at the 1130 WOD times or OFP room permitting.

Want snatch? Mark, Genevieve, Don and Miki went down to the USAW certification corse Altitude Athletics this last weekend. Check out HbbC (Helena bar bell Club) a few times each week/ month, IT WILL HELP.


DSCF7616 DSCF7615 DSCF7614 DSCF7613 DSCF7600 DSCF7611 DSCF7609 DSCF7599 DSCF7581 DSCF7582 DSCF7583 DSCF7584 DSCF7592 DSCF7597 DSCF7601 DSCF7606 DSCF7578 DSCF7577DSCF7587 DSCF7588 DSCF7589 DSCF7586


I’m not clumsy. It’s just that the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the walls are always in the way.



Apocalyptical smoke

July 22, 2014

OK not really that bad, but when I woke up and looked outside, thought about putting the emergency bug out bag in the truck.
It was a rough/ hot few days, think about the Firefighters and what they are putting up with, HAVING to work out in the heat and smoke isn’t all that bad. We know Z-man just left Friday evening for fires unknown…. Keep it safe kids!

The CF Games are this weekend, they could have a surprise or 2 WODs starting as early as tomorrow July 23. Charlie and Mark are setting up a pool to draw names and see who gets the most points think fantasy football, I guess…. as I have never played.

Sunday Aug 10, Meeting at Super 1 foods 10 AM hoping to be on the water by noon, floating till we’re sick of it… then some grub :)

Saturday Aug 16th. Get your registration forms in for the CF Bridger Showdown, it’s only a few weeks away.

Saturday Aug 23rd. Date on hold for Copper City CrossFit to come up and play with us for the morning…. water WOD ??? bring boats/ BBQ ???

Sat Sept 6th, Muddy Mucker Missoula, the same program as the one so many of you volunteered for up at the Great Divide.

We are looking at some time slot changes for summer… Well whats left of it. We are going to have HbbC (Helena Bar Bell Club) an hour earlier.
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6:30 and Saturdays @ 9:30, thus there will be NO 6:30 PM WODs Tuesdays/ Thursdays and NO 9:30AM Free WODs Saturdays.
It’s summer get out of bed come play with us at 0730 or 0830 and go do something fun. Even 2 hours of lifting starting at 0930 gets you outside by noon :)

Last week was the last of my Programing for a bit… Jason has the Next 2 weeks.











Mark up the rope training for a Spartan Race.

Mark up the rope training for a Spartan Race.

Nice lift Lora

Nice lift Lora





The best-selling work of fiction of the 15th century was “The Tale of the Two Lovers,” an erotic novel by the man who later became Pope Pius II.


Traveling WOD to Butte

July 18, 2014

SO here is the latest …at a late moment. CrossFit Helena will be OPEN for the 7:30 regular WOD,  Free 8:30 WOD and NO 9:30 WOD but Helena Bar Bell will be going at 9:30 till you all are done.


We are meeting at the Box at 7:30 and hope to be leaving by 7:45…. directions!

Interstate 15 South

Take Harrison ave exit.
Turn right at the stop light.
Take first right onto Cornell st.
Take first right onto holiday park drive
Follow to Father Sheehan park (you’ll see the arch quickly)


Speaking of fun and happiness, it isn’t ALL about the $$ thought this was a fun read


This bad boy was almost too detailed, after reading it 8 to 10 times it made better sense



Have you signed up for the CF Bridger competition Aug 16? WHY NOT?????? Come have fun with us… It’s not about winning its about showing up and kicking your own demons in the crotch.YES that’s really fun :)





DSCF7397 DSCF7408 DSCF7416 DSCF7417 DSCF7419 DSCF7424 DSCF7443 DSCF7457 DSCF7456




Endorphins released during sexual activity create a euphoria similar to opioid drug use.




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