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Our Trainers and Certifications:

Mark Olson has his Level 1 CrossFit


Jin Nelson has his Level 1 CrossFit,  CrossFit Kids


Kier Boyea has his Level 1 CrossFit


Jason Harlow has his Level 1 CrossFit


Erin Brekstad has her Level 1 CrossFit


Justin Knight has his Level 1 CrossFit

Paige Tabor has her Level 1 CrossFit


Chad Anderson - Chad Anderson grew up in Helena and was a four sport athlete.  Upon graduating college and returning to Helena, Chad coached kids co-ed soccer, girl’s fastpitch softball, and boy’s competitive soccer over thenext 10 years.  Chad is the Enforcement Program Manager at the MT Department of Environmental Quality, is a First Sergeant for the MT Air National Guard, and has a wife, three children, and one grandchild.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and long walks on the beach (because running on the beach sucks!)  Chad has always enjoyed working out (aka lifting weights) but was tired of the treadmill, spin bike, and cross-trainers (aka torture devices) for winter cardio.  After a bit of online research about CrossFit, he grabbed his wife and headed down to CF Helena in November 2012.  Chad became CrossFit Certified in Power Lifting (Aug 2012) and has 2013 PL meet records of Squat 475, Bench 350, Deadlift 535.  Surviving the Spartan Race three weeks after that PL meet was the icing on the cake!  Chad enjoys helping people achieve their goals, whether it’s increasing foundational strength or improving a core lift.  If it’s heavy, let’s lift it!    Chads has a CrossFit Power lifting cert.

Born and raised in Helena, Genevieve Anderson ran around the neighborhood and parks  like orangutan who drank an energy shot; climbing trees, swing-set frames, and occasional nearby buildings.  Not thinking of ankle or vest weights to slow her down and unable to afford gymnastic lessons, her parents allowed her to train in the yard with self-made tumbling apparatuses,  hang out on the rooftops of  houses,and explore the great outdoors to her content while they hoped for the best. As dumb luck would have it, she never broke a bone, signed up for every free sport offered throughout school, and went on to compete with real athletes in college for indoor track, outdoor track and cross-country.  Apparently living under a rock, unaware of the contagious workout fun-in-a-box, years flew by like time at a theme park. Eventually, she stumbled upon CrossFit thanks to her thoughtful husband, and it was a perfect fit, like peanut butter and jelly, like Calvin and Hobbes…like bacon and Crossfitters!  And she has been consistently attending since November of 2012.  But what keeps her coming back is primarily the encouraging positive atmosphere and the friendships that develop over a great cup of athletic kicka**.  Her hero is her husband, a power lifter and a genuinely nice, considerate guy, not to mention handsome. She looks up to her 3 kids who tackle their own personal challenges without giving up. Mountains find her hiking, biking and painting them while rivers carry her, her boats and her camera gear often. Teenagers flock to her class to listen, text, or daydream while she awes them with one-of-a-kind art lessons.  Presented with a Level 1 Certificate in July of 2013, her passion for sports coupled with a huge love for coaching is official  – a 25 year old bucket list item that had been waiting for the right place and people to come along.  



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