Friday June 29

Friday, Friday, Friday, the best thing about my Friday nights is asking Paige “the question”.

Another wonderful day in paradise, accomplished a bunch of stuff out at home… Broke the neighbors post pounder, ran the DR mower out of gas and needed a new battery for one of the bosses quads. All that requires a trip to town, as luck would have it, there are classes today and I can sneak one in. This is just a rouse posing a question to all of YOU.

It is actually a question, Doug had, I told him if we had a MINIMUM of 4 we could run the class,

Friday 3PM class???   I’ll run it week by week IF, 4 peeps COMMIT to showing up……..

On to the here and now:

I’m sure some of you noticed there was a small hole outside our doors fixing a water problem, well it is fixed from the new concrete out, new concrete in, is a different story. For NOW our drinking water is in the office/ changing room in the 5 gal bottles. For other needs we have the bathroom and an outside faucet in the parking lot. Please try to keep the cup use down, I have found it is possible to use a cup more than once. THANK YOU for you understanding and we are working on a resolution that may be much better that what we had.

Paigers Friday night question…..?

“Any good ideas for the WOD tomorrow”



“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes”  Henry J Kaiser


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